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The spreading change of Toby Stephens as Poseidon within the series Percy Jackson and also the Olympians has actually officially smashed the fans’ assumption of obtaining Logan Lerman play the placement, the one-of-a-kind Percy Jackson in the flick established in 2010 — despite the countless age opening in between the 31-year-old star and also the apparently middle-aged personality. Whereas Lerman expressively exposed that no one’s “struck him up” worrying the here and now, the discharge day stays to be a number of year away. Because of this reality, the possibility of his created news isn’t entirely off the having fun cards just however. So, real question is: what duties can he play? Basically each fifty percent, efficiently, the vital ones anyhow, has actually been packed. Consequently, it might show up that Percy Jackson’s passionate fanbase is currently presented with the option of Lerman making a cameo.


Quick nevertheless sweet — that’s what the attraction of cameos is. There are substantial services regarding its objective. On this situation, it will be a recommendation of Lerman’s payment to the previous adjustment — a substantial motion of recognition. A popular event might be Stan Lee’s typical momentary looks in the majority of Wonder movies, that are created on his abounding comic e publication productions. If the makers do intend on bringing Lerman to the series, it’s extremely feasible that they’ll appoint him a job that might be unforgettable, nevertheless not till the degree of upstaging the leads. Because everyone committed to the production seems tight-lipped concerning Lerman’s participation, fans are entrusted to additional guessing on which personality he might pass.


Sam Worthington as Perseus in Clash of the Titans
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Nurturing ADHD, happily having a bronze safeguard, sword, and also winged shoes, and also slaying Medusa, Perseus births tons of placing similarities to the Percy Jackson the audiences obtained below to understand 13 years in the past. It’s not a great deal of a shock, besides, offered the real reality the demigod is the ideas for the half-blood lead character, as confessed by Rick Riordan, the maker of the unique the series is asserted on, and also Percy himself in The Sea of Beasts e publication.

“THAT Perseus regularly obtained. That’s why my mom had actually called me after him, also when he was boy of Zeus and also I utilized to be boy of Poseidon.”

Allow’s in addition not forget that the audiences was teased with a portion of Perseus’ display screen time within the movie, specifically the scene the area Percy was asked for to call another demigod and also, after a variety of minutes, said Perseus’ title. The secondly was short lived, but also for the critical couple of, it produces an attractive idea: what happens if Perseus fulfills Percy Jackson?

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Definitely, it’s vague whether Perseus stays to be active throughout the imaginary world Riordan developed. No matter, it shouldn’t be an obstacle for stories to be established. All the same, that is the creative profession we’re mentioning. Something is possible as long as it’s made with vigilance, along with a circumstance entailing these 2 individuals, be it having Perseus get in Percy’s life as a wandering ghost or as a house relative offering minor aid. All problems thought-about, Perseus might be a gold numerous for Lerman to hold up, as long as the placement remains small and also wouldn’t swipe Percy Jackson’s spotlight, or even worse, rumbling.


One Last Hope from Hercules
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As one of the globally well known make believe heroes in any type of media, Hercules, as well, becomes part of Percy Jackson’s globe. Utilizing his valor and also magnificent power to topple the base and also secure the weak, he in fact lives as high as his godly title. That fact apart, Hercules shares a bit of a referral to Percy Jackson: they each beat Hydra, the nine-headed serpentine beast. The only actual difference exists within the just how. Hercules utilized large power with aid from a nephew, whereas Percy used his sword and also more support from his close friends.

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The god of power is referenced rather a little bit in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Burglar as efficiently, throughout the similar Perseus scene previously, exclusively this moment it’s carried out by Mr. Brunner, a centaur camouflaging as a fitness instructor, stating Hercules’ victory in the direction of the Nemean Lion to Percy’s course. Because hero is well-acknowledged by the personalities in each the unique and also the motion picture, it stands to function that Hercules might be a feasible choice for Lerman’s cameo — to not explain just how coming to be the star’s appeal are to Hercules’ fine-looking image.


Corey Sevier as Apollo in Immortals
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The god of solar, mild, revelation, songs, art work, verse, afflict, healing, and also reality isn’t the limit of Beauty’s id. He in addition strikes be an knowledgeable archer and also one in every of Zeus’ kids, therefore making him another relative of Percy. Currently, whereas he might not arise in any type of talked discussions within the movie, Beauty is kind of a outstanding figured out within the later on a component of the unique series, specifically, The Titan’s Curse, which is apparently however a part of what the television existing is asserted upon.

Meaningful along with his well-rounded nature, he offers different help to Percy, one in every of which is giving him an archery lesson. And also wouldn’t that be a heartfelt view to see on this future series? Lerman giving expertise to the new Percy Jackson would certainly be the kind of picture fans will certainly geek out around. Catching arrowheads apart, Beauty is typically portrayed as a more youthful male having a vibrant behavior, a standard Lerman can just accomplish.

Eventually, whichever placement Lerman chooses wouldn’t be a great deal of an issue, as fans’ primary desire is simply to see him appear within the brand-new adjustment of the personality he ahead of time executed. Broaching which, it’d be most valued should Alexandra Daddario and also Brandon T. Jackson, the flick’s Annabeth and also Grover, establish to in addition elegance the here and now with their visibility. So, fingers went across.

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