A social network application with integration with Facebook REST API and updates in real-time for users social activity, by making use of WebSockets.


  • Register user
  • Login user
  • Create a new post (with or without Images)
  • Edit a previous post
  • Delete a previous post
  • Reply to any post
  • Send Direct Messages to other users
  • See online users (automatically updated)
  • Join chatrooms
  • When a post is created, it’s created on Facebook.
  • When a post is deleted, it’s deleted on Facebook.
  • When a reply is made, it’s added on Facebook.

Overall architecture

The application uses 2 servers and 3 types of client: TCP, RMI (Remote Method Invocation, and HTTP. See the diagram above.


  • JDBC driver
  • Apache Tomcat
  • WebBrowser with support to websockets